Is this real MAC brushes and leather case?


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My girlfriend daughter just give her this MAC brushes set that she never use. I just wonder anyone can confirm this is real MAC bushes and the leather case. Thank you so much



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It looks like one of those generic brush sets you can buy on ebay. A set of MAC brushes that size, if they even sold sets like that, would be extremely expensive. Some of those brushes are the wrong colour, for starters. One of them also has SH printed on it, which means Short Handled, but it appears to be the same length as the others.


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MAC does NOT sell full-size brush sets. The only sets they sell are the annual holiday sets and the ones available during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every July. And they're all shorthandled and manufactured in China. (Most of the permanent brushes are made in Japan. They've had maybe one or two made in France or China.) There is also no such brush by MAC as a 494. Currently, face brushes are in the 100s, eye brushes in the 200s, lip ones in the 300s. (Years ago, the numbering was different, but even then the numbers didn't go that high.) Nor is there a brush, now, that's a long-handled sponge-tip applicator. And many of the brush fibres are wrong, and the logo and numbers are in the wrong place (real MAC brushes these days have them closer to the ferrule; older ones had them on the middle of the handle). rockin is right. This is one of those generic sets that are common on eBay that some opportunist "branded" as MAC to drive up the bidding or price (there are some seriously gullible people out there).

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