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Hey, Walgreens is selling a *relatively* new line called IsaDora. I have their face glow that I use for blush, this stuff is amazing. I havent tried any of their other products yet though...has anyone seen or tried anything else from this brand? What are your thoughts?


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The eyeshadows have a nice texture and decent lasting of the better eyeshadows I've tried, drugstore or otherwise.


They have a really pretty highlighter out now, it has a snowflake or something on it. The model for this like looks freakish though! Like a plastic Barbie or something!


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IsaDora is a good brand. I've tried the eyeshadows and lip products, a few face products and they work well. My only gripe is I think they're too pricey for a drugstore brand and for what you get. I could get the same quality and save a few bucks by buying from other drugstore brands.


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I like their lipglosses. I have the Moisturizing one in Sorbet and the other one in Reflecting Peach. Awesome :]

some of their e/s looks like nars!


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I saw this in Walgreens the other day and thought about getting an e/s, but passed it up. I'm glad I found these small reviews here, I might go back now.


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I'm a huge fan of their e/s (the quality is outstanding, better than MAC, if I dare say so here LOL)! They're silky and pigmented, long-lasting, and well worth the price they ask (the quality is equal to that I've found in dept. stores, honestly).

I've also had good luck with a few of their glosses (not so much with the lipsticks, but that's only because of color selection).

This is definitely a line worth checking out, especially if you can catch a sale at Walgreens!


I have a few of their eyeshadow quad palettes, and I really like them. They go on smoothly and have pretty good color payoff.


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I have their sheer to cover foundation in ivory beige it is perfect for me it has been discontiinued in the usa but they do have a website just google it. Im an nc20 usally so if you are any paler than that do not pick up the powders or foundations. The eyeshadows have pigmentation that is just below mac standards all colours give you a kind of satin colour payoff .


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I like their lip products, especially their lipsticks. I bought alot of stuff when they were on clearance at my local Walgreens.


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I loooove loooove their bronzers<33 Did you guys know that IsaDora also has LE collections? Theres two new LE collections out here in Norway : Bare beauty and Hot stuff(?) I got the neutral matte eyeshadow palette from bare beauty.. and the sculpt and shape powder , LOVES THEM <3


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I love their palette of matte brown eyeshadows. They also have some nice glosses.


Isadora has been in Scandinavia for ages! Their nailpolishes (at least the new ones) are great, lipglosses are great and I would rate the eyeshadows 4/5 on a scale from 1-6. I haven't tried anything else. I actually feel that the quality of the eyeshadow duo's (check out the one with blue and green, it is BEAUTIFUL!) is better than in the quartet's, actually.

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