ISO The perfect Concealer: Oily Skin


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I am in search of the perfect concealer For my oily skin to cover up under eye circles and imperfections here and there! I use MSF Natural or MUFE Duo Matt powder as my foundation they both do a great I just need a little boost to achieve a flawless look

What am I looking for?
Great Coverage
Something that won't clog my pores

Preferably something you absolutely love and have tried!

I'm open to any brand from drugstore to high-end.

Thank you kindly in advance


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i think i have finally found a way to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. i use the MUFE concealor pallette (the one with the orange concealor in it). i use the orange color first then i apply my foundation next and then afterwards i apply the yellowish concealor in the pallette on top to brighten the eye area and voila!! it worked so well it scared me! but i must say when i applied my liquid foundation i would pat the foundation under the eye area instead of swiping it on. i hope i make sense.

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