It made me cry.


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I was halfway paying attention to the t.v. and I heard a little girl say my mommy is dead. So i looked over and it's the t.v. show Cops. This little girl was with her dad or someone who was in trouble and the girl was only 8 or 9 and the cop was treating her like crap. I couldn't believe they let a minor on that show. and then she was crying and scared. It was terrible exploitment. I cried about it.. I wish everyone had their parents and were okay.


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#1. people filmed need to give written consent to have their faces on tv...minors are no exception. So if there was explotation going on blame who ever consented the child being on tv.

#2. I know for cops the department head..either the chief or sheriff reviews the footage to be aired and ok's it or says no way to it being aired. So I doubt some department big wig will ok airing a segment with a cop treating a little girl like "crap".

Hey thats just my two cents, I too dont know the whole story. I agree with you though that kids should have good loving parents and have everything ok. Kids are innocent and its extremely sad to have to see them deal with the horrible reality of tragic events.


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Wow, I totally want to see this one. Maybe the cops were more upset with the dad for not taking on the roll of caregiver and were venting their frustration in their voice and actions on the young girl. Not to say that it's right of them to do so...

I totally agree ... kids are so innocent. Kids and animals should always have good guidance and good care.


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Every episode of Cops I have ever seen...Which is most...They always have the kids faces shaded out...and if they don't... prior consent has to be given by the parents to show them on the show. It states that on the credits that roll at the end. I have to see this episode too because they are always so sweet to the kids even the nasty lil pissy ones that I would be holding in the air they are cuddling them and comforting them. I can't imagine a police dept would allow this episode to air if this behavior or any behavior was putting them in a bad light. I was watching cops today too..I will have to catch the repeats later tonight

Unfortunately there are a lot of miserable parents out there...and thank God someone can come and help them...It is horrible when anyone has to loose a parent especially a child