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Hey everyone!

So, my Walgreens is having a BOGO on all Jane cosmetics, and I was thinking of picking up some of their eye zings mixer palettes because I love palette and haven't been disappointed with their eye zings so far. I was wondering if anybody has tried them and what they think of them. Are they worth the $7 or am I better off without them? TIA!!

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I hate Jane Eye zings.

Theyre hard to blend, VERY little pigment and they're powder and a mess. I'd stay away.
I would recommand you try buy the single eyezing in netural shades. Those have better color payoff than the bright shadows. You can try sunglosses, rockstar, brownie points and hazelnut. Those have very high ratings on MUA. What I like best from jane cosmetics is actually they blushing cheek blushes. They are awesome and very pigmented.

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The 7 shadow palettes aren't as pigmented as the singles. I have three of them and only some of the colors are decently pigmented.