Jest l/s... dupes?


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I know I'm about 40 years behind the times here. I've been wayyy out of the MAC loop for a while and... apparently it takes me a long time to use up a lipstick, even if I use it 2-3x a week!

However... I am in love with Jest. It is my everyday, go-to, perfect color. I've had the same tube for way too long and we are finally at the end of our road. I spent about an hour identifying it as Jest last night (thanks to your swatches!) only to realize it got cut ages ago! Oops.

I've already looked in all the obvious places I'd be able to score the real deal with no success. So, anybody have any suggestions for dupes / generally similar shades in the permanent collection?

Orrr... is Gone but not Forgotten an option here? I'm pretty sure it's been gone for some time now and I've never played this game before!

Thanks for any and all help, so appreciated.


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I'm sure if you go to your local mac counter you'd find something close you like?? But I know what it's like to be fixated on wanting a specific item lol... So maybe you can find someone selling theirs?? I know I still have mine at like 99% I think I might have only swatched once or twice as I'm sure is the case with many out there? Best of luck to you!!


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try cb96 over moisturized lips! maybe with a dab of gloss on top too? you might like crosswires or see sheer too. might require mixing with a liner or gloss

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