jewel eyes eotd.


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My mascara seems to have made itself invisible for that picture.


Maybelline Dream Mousse in some light pink color as a base. Everything that goes on over it sparkles!
Lancome Makeover e/s
MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s
Prestige Ebony e/s (that's what the liner is, I used it wet)

I did it with brown instead of pink the other day, and I liked the way that looked. Which is a big deal, because brown is usually one of the colors that neverrrr looks good on me. I'll try to do that again and post it at some point. Next time I'm going to put more of the darker color in the crease, so the highlight on the center of the lid doesn't look like it's completely attached to the browbone highlight when my eyes are open.

I'm not usually super matching like that, I was kind of doing a "self photoshoot," which is a euphemism for camera whoring, and I liked the idea of being black and pink all over.

Does anyone have advice for making my eyebrows suck less? The one that you can see in all three pictures is my "bad" one. The other one sucks too, but not as much. If they were completely grown in they would slant downward and be the width that they are at the inside all the way across. So, the highest part really is the highest that they grow at all. Except the right one (my right, your left) that isn't showing in the pictures grows a little bit higher, which is why it doesn't suck as much. Is there ANYTHING I can do with them? I don't want to shave off the outer half and draw my own arch, because I want them to still look functional when I'm not wearing makeup.


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i don't have any advice for you on the i have my own battle to fight and they are winning! i think pink is a nice colour on you and your hair is super cute! your eyes are a beautiful colour as well ...


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My eyebrows grow like too, more downward. I ended up shaving of the last 1/4 of my brow and I just draw it in a bit higher, since I fuss with my brows anyways its really not that big of a hassle. I just make sure I have UDPP under my brow pencil so it stays all day.

I think browns would look gorgeous on you especially with those eyes. But I would go more towards woodwinked or brown down.
Great stuff keep it up!


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Damn not many people can pull off pinks...but I think pinks were made for u...u look absolutely stunning...seriously...WOW..

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