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i was looking at this listing ebay
but do you reckon it is legit? she is selling tonnes of LE stuff, and also nars etc, do they make conterfeit nars, lancome etc?
i have messaged requesting more pictures, but wanted to know what you guys thought, will post pics when i receive them


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hmm the pic doesnt give much away but the glitters themselves dont look high quality if you know what i mean and just the way they r shining into the camera. at the price hes selling it for aswell you have to ask yourself why. i'd say keep away and as with many things if its too good too be true it probably is!


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That price is way too good to be true, and I agree that it doesn't look quite "right" in terms of texture and sparkle.


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I'm also going to say no - on the pigments, glitters and at least some of the e/s, blushes and lippies. There are a lot there from a recent counterfeit list in the same "colour specs" as that list.

This seller def has at least some authentic goods though, buyers need to be more selective in their purchases.


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Search on this forum for this seller. That may help you to decide. The name comes up a number of times. It seems odd to me that they don't specify "MAC" in any of the headers on their pigment listings.


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Originally Posted by MACATTAK
I'm going to say no. Jewelmarine is blue and green. I'm only seeing green in this picture.

Agreed. This glitter looks way too one dimensional.

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