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I'm so frustrated with job hunting, it's not even funny.

I've been looking for a job since February and I have not been successful since. I don't have previous working experience, although I have done tons of volunteer work. I feel as though everyone is looking for those with experience, but I can't even get experience because no one is giving me the chance! Since February, I have applied to over 15 stores and only heard back from one.

I had a phone interview with H&M last week, but they sent me an email basically telling me I'm not getting a second interview. I'm trying to see why I can't even get a job at my local grocery store and I have come up with different reasons. 1) I look like 14 years old and get mistaken for one all the time. 2) Maybe I'm not displaying enough confidence. 3) I just don't have experience.

I'm at wit's end here and I just want a job that is fun and I can get some money to help pay for my college tuition. I wish someone would just give me a chance! Please give me some tips, I'm desperate here!

P.S. I can't work in fast food or telemartketing. Those are my only limits.

/end of rant


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I'm going to assume you're in college (or at least enrolled in one) because you mentioned paying for your college tuition. Most schools have some sort of job program or alumni network that can usually land you a really good job/paid internship. My school has both, and it's how I landed my summer and fall internships so far (both paid).

If you don't have that, every school will have at least a "help wanted" board or career center- pay them a visit. My first summer I ended up working in the Jobscore office at my college- very fun summer job, plus I met sooo many new people on my campus.

Anyways, good luck on your search!!


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Thank you Dizzy!

I'm not in college yet, it will be my first year in September, but I know that they have campus jobs. I'm hoping I can get one there, but in the mean time, I need a job this summer.

My highschool sucked at notifying the students about job opportunities. I had a first period spare, so I never got to hear the annoucements, but they had a Youth Focus job opportunity that was sent to our school on June 15th, but they didn't even put out the applications. :S The due date was today at 4 pm.


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ugh, i know how you feel

but i have retail experience and i still don't get hired! grr lowers my self esteem =/

maybe it's because it's summer and everyone wants summer jobs?...


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Hey there, don't be discouraged! Finding a job can be really tough and depressing. Unfortunately when you are looking for work alot of the time (to use a cliche) "It's not what you know, it's who you know." I have had rotten luck job hunting in the past and I only got my break when I became friendly with a staff member at a store I really liked and through that friendship I was able to get a position in a flash.

Three years later I am now managing the store I got the job in and I get a stack of resumes every week. Honestly, I toss out any that are slipped under the door at night, any that I get through the post that say "Dear Sir or Madam", and any from people who come in and say "Hi, can I leave this here? Thanks" and walk away! For the ones I do keep I don't really look at experience that much because I know that people can be trained. I pay more attention to how the applicant engages me in conversation, how they present themself, and how enthusiastic they seem. If these things are all good then any experience they have is just an added bonus.

It really makes a big difference if you hand in a resume to a manager directly rather than emailing or posting one. When you go in, be enthusiastic, ask questions and display a genuine interest in the company you are applying for. I can't stress that enough. For instance when I went to the interview for my job I wore some clothing from the store to show them that I actually liked the product (which I really did) and they really appreciated that.

Make a list of the shops you would love to work in, ring them up and ask when the manager will be there and thier name, and try to arrange to go in and speak to them directly and dress in something appropriate. For a surf shop etc.. pretty casual, but for somewhere more upmarket and trendy maybe put some effort into hehe. Let your personality shine through and smile

Good luck.

Chic 2k6

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i know how you feel!

It took me 30 applications in different places before i got my job, i work as a computer administrator for a Quad bike store, i designed a spreadsheet system for the manager so he can use it etc... and it's fun in the shop.

to get a job, you'll have to apply for ones you wouldnt think yourself of doing, use any skills you have as an advantage (computer, photography, makeup etc...) if you make yourself out as confident on the forms they'll get back to you, also i was told this: If you havent heard from the managers of the store within a week or two, do a phone call and ask about your application, it can end up on bottom of the pile by accident so a quick reminder will also help!

Good Luck!


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I used to work in recruitment at a security company. With the high amount of applications most managers receive resumes & cover letters are only skimmed through for about 15 seconds and if nothing stands out then it goes in the trash. Sad but true!

Go online, and learn everything you can about the company that you are applying for.

Make sure you have a properly written resume as this can set you apart from the pack.

While your resume chronicles your experiences, the cover letter lets your personality shine through. Be sure to tailor each letter to the specific organization and position, and state specifically why you want to work for the organization.

As Chic 2k6 said, if you haven't heard from the company within a week call them. It shows that you are enthusiastic.

Hope this help


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Did you try the library at your school? Perhaps try the non profit jobs in your area...they are always hiring! If you have the United Way, check your local UW site and look in their job bank. HTH!

Beauty Mark

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You can often pitch the skills you develop at volunteering jobs for paying jobs. Dealt with people? Typed? Used a computer? People want those skills, regardless of where you developed them. Make sure you have someone who can vouch for you, like a boss.

If you like kids, camps might still be looking for counselors. They don't have to just be overnight camps; day camps pay all right. You could also see about being a babysitter if you have experience with kids and have first aid training (people really love that).

Because summer just officially started, I'd check out waitressing.

The key to these things is present yourself as confident, eager and fast to learn, etc. It's always a crapshot but presentation will up your chances considerably.


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Thank you everyone for the tips. I think I'm not appearing confident as I should. Nor do I have a general coverletter. My mom and I are going to work on it soon. Ardene's is hiring (it's a teen jewellry store) in July, so that's my last hope for now.

OR!! *gasp* I might try my luck at M.A.C in the Pickering mall because 2 years ago, one of the MAs liked me a lot and he kept telling me to hand in my resume but I told him I'm too young and only do makeup on myself and friends. Now, he's the manager at the pickering location, so my mom said I should apply there. She also told me to make friends with the girls at the MAC Bay counter, which I have.

Again, thank you all!


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I know how the whole looking for experience but you can't gain experience if you don't work thing sucks. Try a staffing agency? They may be able to place you. Other than that just apply to anything you can think of- every interview serves as practice and to gain familiarity with the situation- which can be more helpful than the job itself sometimes. Good luck!


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i hated hunting for a job, because like you said everyone wanted experience but nobody wants to give you the chance to get any it's tough!

i applied for a job that i really wanted and didn't hear anything for a while so i ended up getting a job at a grocery store (which i would advise you to make your LAST resort, because i know at least in the states they don't treat their employees very well at all) but here i am finally working at the job i really wanted, almost a full year later. it's a government job, and it seriously took them a year to go through the entire process of making me a peace officer and everything.

but sometimes it just takes some patience.
keep your chin up! you'll find something eventually.

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