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Has anyone else discovered Jones Road Beauty? It’s the new(er) beauty company launch from Bobbi Brown. She’s no longer associated with the brand that has her name. It’s pretty much exclusively online, there’s one little shop in NJ, and maybe a counter somewhere.
So far all the products have a natural look philosophy, something her original brand started with. I have a tried a few things for work days with minimal make-up looks. So far I think it’s pretty average stuff.
The fascinating (to me) thing that I found out has to do with product reviews. Since it’s only sold at her site online, that’s the only place a review can be left. I left a review for the “What the Foundation” product. Well, the product separated after about a month and a half, so I left a two star review with my comments. That review didn’t not show up online. In fact, there are no 2 star reviews anywhere. I thought this very interesting. One would think the company would welcome feedback on a new product, to be sure there is good quality control. Well, it looks like they just want positive reviews, instead of honest reviews online. I also emailed them my concerns, I’m beyond the 30 day return policy, so they told me to stir the product back together. Doesn’t seem right that a cream foundation separates and you are supposed to stir it back together! None of my other cream foundations do that!

Anyway, I’m hoping to see honest feedback from others who have tried these products and a warning to others to not believe all the positive reviews.


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Can't speak of their foundation line.

I have used their Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose. Yes the product does sheer out, (which is nice) but feels a bit tacky.

The downside is the product smells off, like it was expired. Customer service says that's normal and the batch or lot that particular jar came from was recent from the factory. Neverytheless, the scent is really off putting.
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Yes, the miracle balm is very occlusive and tacky. After I use it little whiteheads appear on my face so something in it is bothering my skin. However, I can use it on my neck and backs of my hands or other dry area and it’s fine. I have the natural one, no color. The smell reminds me of some lip balm I once had from a health food store.

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