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Hi, all!
I was trying to find a Jouer thread (because I remember being interested in their Tiare highlighter and posted about it somewhere) but I couldn't find one.
I thought their new powder highlighters looked interesting so I ordered Rose Quartz and am waiting for it to arrive.
They are hard to track down, though!


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Thanks for this thread. Ever since I saw Nordies carrying it I was curious because I know nothing about this line.


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The brand's now being carried by Beautylish!
I hope they will be more reliable.
I can't remember if I checked there.
Even a UK site was out of stock
The powder highlighters looked lovely but have been out of stock on the Jouer website for so long... and then two were on backorder on, then the next day they'd disappear, then out of stock, then back ordered etc my goodness
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I LOVE Jouer! I follow Christine on snapchat, and she's wonderful. I have nearly all of the lip cremes, and all of the toppers. I can't wait for the spring line / rose gold theme. Also, Citrine is my all-time favorite highlighter... and that's saying a lot. The consistency is so interesting. It's the first powder that I really think is 'creamy' and 'buttery.' Very unique, and sits beautifully on the skin. However it's super delicate and I don't travel with it.


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Just bought Topaz highlighter, Skinny Dip lip topper and Papaye lip cream. :yay: Oh, and I will be ordering the rose gold highlighter and lip topper on 4/4. Too many highlighters!!! :p

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