Just got PRO membership...what should I get?


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I need help deciding what all I should buy with my discount.

I already know I am going to get a 15 palette.

Here is what I already own:
Studio Fix N5
Min. Skinfinish: Petticoat and So Ceylon (which I just broke...AAHHHH!)
Dazzleglass: Baby Sparks
L/G: Some fafi ones, naked space, enchantress, en pointe
l/s: curtsy
A few e/s that can be depotted: time& space, pen n' pink, velvet moss, blanc type, signed, sealed
239 brush
bunch of SE brushes
few nailpolishes
PP: Cash flow, girl friendly, perky, rollikin
powerpoint e/l: navy stain, bountiful brown
Lip pencil in lure

I probably need some red (like real red) stuff for lips for shows.
And some good black eye liner of some kind.

What else? Help!

I might go just up to the $150 to get the free shipping.
Thanks in advance for the advice!


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this isn't too helpful but wanted to say congrats!
that's so exciting

I'm about to apply for mine and this is encouraging, lol. What I'm going to go for first (if I get it..) is to make sure I have a really good set of brushes-- for instance, I have a sephora skunk brush but really would like a 187 and 188 for foundation/contour/concealing because they're such wonderful tools and make life soooo much easier with dealing with client's skin, imo. I also need to upgrade in the e/s blending brush department, I still haven't found one that I like a whole lot.
I'd also check out things that multi-purpose (like ccb's or pigments) to help you tweak the finish/color/opacity of many different products.

happy shopping


ps- can I ask what you sent in as proof? I want to be sure I'm sending enough/the right things. am also curious how long it took to process. sorry to threadjack, pm me if you don't want to clog up your post? thankyouthankyou and again, congrats!!


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I'm an actor so I sent in a playbill and my headshot w/resume. Mostly theatre work but some on-air. It went through pretty quickly.


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didn't catch that you're an actor so some of my advice was more geared toward a makeup artist (for instance about the ccbs) building their kit, but I totally stand by the brush suggestion! having quality brushes makes a huge impact on how easily and professionally your makeup is done imo.
face&body foundation might be a good thing for you to have in your stash for a lighter more dewy foundation look to evening out any skin issues that might come up.
thanks for the quick reply!

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