La Prarie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF15


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This is by far the BEST foundation I have ever used!!!
I've used Clinique, Sephora, Dior, Bobbi Brown and MAC brands of various foundations/concealers so that's what I've compared it to

The colour I'm using is called 'Creme Blush' and the foundation comes with a concealer too which has really great coverage but feels light!!
It also comes with a nice brush, sponge and little stand for the brush (as you see in the picture below) which also has another mirror

I seriously cannot get enough of this foundation, there's so many great things about it!!! It smells nice, blends so easy, is anti-aging, SPF +15 (always a bonus!), looks great without a primer! The MA at the counter also told me it lasts for a year which is awesome


It blends MAGNIFICENTLY into my skin, looks like I'm not even wearing any (in a good way of course).
One downside was the cost, it was $280 (AUD) which sucks but I know in Australia for me cosmetics always seem to cost more than if I were to buy it when I'm in America.

Has anyone else tried La Prarie products? I got a lot of free samples of the moisturizers when I bought it (haven't tried them yet but can't wait!).


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My mum uses their skincare products and she loves them. I used them for a day and they made me break out but that's because I was using the stuff for mature skin.

She loves the products, they're expensive but I think cost effective as usually she buys a £12 cream which she has to buy every month or so, her LaPrairie stuff lasts her a lot longer so it's the same both ways.