Ladies - help please! Im looking for a dupe of my fave eyeshadow...


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hi ladies!
i wonder if anyone could tell me a reaaaaal good and close dupe to a mac eyeshadow called playful. it first came out with the barbie collection and then in the manish arora palette which i bought only because of that colour. i dont really like and use pinks alot but this colour is just beautiful on my skin... for me its the perfect girlie, sweet, pretty and beautiful pink..... matte.. and just beautiful :))
i love it and use it so often, but i really have to stop because im afraid itl end to fast, and i really never seen such a beautiful pink anywhere else. so if anyone of you ladies could help me find a close dupe which i could buy so i can finally stop living in fear that this eyeshadow might end one day ;))) (any brand is appreciated, and of course a permanent color) :)
thank you alot in advance,


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I know the feeling. Keep checking here on Specktra and Makeup Alley because you may find it at a good price. A couple of months ago, I purchased Mothbrown e/s from the Barbie collection on Ebay for a real good price.

I am sure you know you can find Playful on Ebay too, but I wouldn't pay a ridiculous price for it though.

Good Luck to you though.