Ladies, I need your help since I'm totally clueless!


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First, I was clueless what to give to my friend for her 22th birthday! So another friend and I boiled it down to give her a 4 pan palette with 3 e/s and I will depot her Gleam e/s (that I gave her for christmas two years ago) so she has a nice palette that she could use for work (she works at a car rental) or for night!

She has medium-brown hair with highlights, a nice tan and blue-grey-green eyes!

Any help? Puhleaaaase!


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That's a great idea, and how thoughtful too

I was going to suggest buying VG 5, I've decided that whenever I have to buy any of my girlfriends a present, they're getting that, because it suits most people and also because the proceeds of sales go to charity, and for a damn good cause at that too.

Sorry I can't be more help! Do you know what colours she likes to wear generally?


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If she likes frosty, and light pink, I would say get her pink freeze. And since she has blue/grey/green eyes, I would say get her sketch too, it looks GORGEOUS on green/blue eyes and goes well with pink freeze. It looks very dark in the pan put goes on more of a violet color when mixed with pink freeze, and it would go well with gleam as well (but gleam and pink freeze don't really go together). Lets see, what else . . . what else. Sweet Lust is also a very pretty light pink, it is a lustre though so it goes on very sheer. Any other colors she likes? I think it would be better to get her a variety So far gleam and sketch go well together and pink freeze and sketch are another good alternative combo. Beauty Marked would be a good liner color for the sketch pink freeze look but I would like to give you some other options as well =) And I don't want to suggest anything too dark for her (and sketch is a dark color). HTH some though =)


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if you can still get it spring up is great with pinks. Pink Freeze, Vex, and All that Glitters are also really nice


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That is a wonderful gift idea! I think Haux and Gorgeous Gold could be nice additions to her collection. Maybe Carbon or Black Tied, depending on her brush selection. If she doesn't have a good brush for liner, Cranberry and Expensive Pink are cute. I was really tempted to say Swish (so I just did), but I don't know how well it would go with Gleam...


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Sweet Lust

If she needs a highlight color
Vex (which would look great w/pinks)


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We're baaaack!

Back wiiiiith:

Naked Lunch and Honesty
her Gleam (which is mine in the pic just for reference) and Expensive Pink

I think it's a really cute quad!