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Hi Girls,

I would like to start a thread regarding Lancome Brand wether in Cosmatic or Skincare Products and what is the best and must have from both and by the way we can Share your ideas about this brand.

Thanks in advance,

Shadowy Lady

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I have some of the Lancome eyeshadow palettes, few lipsticks, juicy tubes (of course) and their mascara.

I love love love their Definicils mascara. It's my favourite masacara of all time and I use it regularly. Some other of my favourites are lipstick in Fashion Icon (i think this was discontinued) and Juicy Tube in Hallucination.


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i LOVE the lancome hypnose mascara.. the best mascara i have ever used!

their juicy tubes are nice too


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I've no idea if it's still available, but the Lancome 4Dreaming quad has been my HG quad for a long time. It's so versatile! There's a clean white, a soft gold, a deep brown, and a copper shade. Everytime I wear it, I get nothing but compliments. Anyone with green eyes should look into it~


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I like lancome hypnose mascara as well and have 2 lipsticks and they are pretty good and some eyeshadows and need to go for some Juicy Tubes.


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Lancôme has always been a MU reference for me. My first memory about the brand was being with my mom when she bought a red Lancôme l/s. That was a loooong time ago!

I love their mascaras: I have Flextencils, Hipnôse, Fatale and the mascara base.


They used to make a great concealer trio, but it seems they've discontinued it. Too bad, I loved the texture.

Their e/s are different than MAC's... they'r lighter, softer, I'd say they are good references of pastels for me.

Before MAC, all the high end stuff I used to buy was Lancôme's


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Just bought my first Lancome products last week. Love their powder foundation and Aquafusion lotion! Extremely disappointed in the eye makeup remover..


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Lancome was the first high-end brand I ever used; my mum bought me the old Limelight (pale green) shadow back when I was 12 and to this day, the Slide eyeshadow (pale golden yellow) is one of my favourites...if only it didn't break so much on me. I always get sucked in during GWP; I do like some of their eyeshadows although I do prefer the older ones better. Luring is such a beautiful colour, and Bikini Golden is the best gold shadow ever. Makeover is a very pretty silver-y pink, and Kitten Heel is an interesting colour as well-a bronzed-gold with reddish pink tinges. Definicils Pro is an amazing mascara. I love the curved brush and it really allows me to get my lashes looking big without it looking like I clumped the mascara on.

If you have never tried Lancome before, the best time IMO to try it is when they have GWP going, as you can buy a couple pieces to try and then you get some small sizes of other fun things. I don't use the skincare because I have a line that I already use but if you do use the skincare, it is always good to have small sizes of stuff.


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Hmm I worked for them so I might be biased, but I only kinda liked Hypnose mascara, but to me, personally, they were sorta overpriced. I always found dupe for shadows by mac.

Their anti-aging stuff (high resolution) is really what I liked, Oh! and the lipgloss 100 degrees which is now discontinued, the blue juicy tube, and Designer eyeshadow.Thats about it.



This used to be my favorite line. But the blushes esp. are very scented and I am sensitive to perfumes. The mascara is still my favorite, but I substitute L'Oreal as I replace mascara frequently.

My all time favorite dark lipstick was "Cerise Vernis" in that metal tube (squared oblong with the gold rose in the middle.) What formula was that? Can't remember from the 80's and they keep changing. I wish I had one of them as a sort of reminder of what color I liked. They also dc'd the Magie Noire L'Huile perfume which was great.

Right now I don't use Lancome anymore due to the perfume issue. And they just don't have colors I like anymore.


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I think the Definicils mascara is a true classic for good reason - just a good, basic mascara that works for so many people.

I also like their lipliners - very soft and creamy.


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There are a lot of great products in Lancome. At one time, I use to have a great deal of their products. I stopped purchasing as much from them, because they d/c so many products that I really enjoyed.

However, I still have a few of their eyeliners and liquid liners. They are good stardard duable liners. You could find cheaper pencil eyeliners.

All of the powders - loose, compact, and dual finish are great.

They have a wide variety of mascaras. I had a grey mascara and they d/c it years ago. It was in the Definicils.

I just got their new lip liner and lipstick and I use it everyday. They feel great. There are getting mighty pricy. I don't like the strange smell of the lipstick. It's really odd, but the color is off the chart.

I am testing out Hypnose, but I find my Dior better. I just use both for now.

I liked their eye makeup remover, but I found one at the drugstore that was really close to it for way less $$$.

I really use to enjoy using their facial cleanser & toner. I cut those out, because of the $$$.

I got a concealer recently. I am quite happy with it.

I was looking at their foundations and they may have a color for me again. It's looking close. When they d/c my shade years ago, I was really bummed out. I never will forget the lady saying to me, "They d/c that shade, because no one is that shade." I had to ask her, "What shade do I look like to you?" She laughed, "The one they d/c."

Their e/s are really good, but I wish they would have the pick and put it in a compact like some other brands.

I got a freebie with a purchase - Juicy Tube in Glacier. I really like it.

They have a new parfum called Magnifique too.

That's all that I can think up for now.


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I have two of their lipsticks in the "Pout-a-Porter"/Gucci Westman series, the Peter Som, P.S. Kiss lipstick and the Thakoon Pixel Pink lipstick. I'm a sucker for anything super LE. I can't wait to get my hands on the set of the red lipstick w/ the black lipgloss. And I loved their Tresor ads when I was a kid. I also remember getting my first high-end pressed powder from Lancome, which I loved.


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Thanks ladies for sharing your experiences about this brand,but any ideas about the brushes in general????????