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Has Any One Used Leighton denny Nail Varnishes? I Saw These Also On Qvc Last night & Was Soo Impressed By Them. Ive Never Really Been Into Nail Varnishes As I Bite My Nails But This Has Given Me The Motivation to Stop Now So I Can Get Some Of these Nail Varnishes. The Colours Looked Gorgeous, Even One Coat Was So Vibrant And Bright. The Crystal Finish Top Coat Was My Favourite As Even Added to A Cheap Brand Of Nail Varnish It Left The Nails So Shiny & Healthy Looking! Has Anyboy Used This Brand Before? And Are They Worth The Money?

Leighton Denny nail care at QVC UK

I dont Think The Video On There Is The One I Watched, As The Models Actually put The Nail Varnishes On In The One I saw..Which Was What Attracted Me To the Brand Because Of the Vibrancy From Just One Coat!

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