Lighted Makeup Mirror


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Hi CaraAmericana,
I can't help you much but i read somewhere here (maybe in the traincase section under storeage etc forum) somepne did say they have it and that they like it.
Also i watched a video on youtube once and xsparkage has the same exact mirror and she likes it because it has different light shades you can pick the kind of lightning you want.

Personally looking at the sale price i would reccomend you get it, it looks great and i'm looking for a similar mirror because we don't have macy's in the uk!

i really hope this helps you, but get other opinions

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i had a revlon one that was quite good and really cheap but i dropped it and smashed it, it got kind of annoying applying make up with light in your face after a while x


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If you (or a friend) have a Costco membership, they have this mirror for $30 if you buy in-store.

Costco - Zadro Dual-Sided Lighted Pedestal Vanity Mirror

IIRC, it comes with two replacement bulbs. I played around with one a little and looked at my brows on the magnification side. It was pretty nice, although I did feel like I had to be pretty close to the 8x mirror to focus very well, but I imagine that'd happen with any mirror of that magnification.

I'd like one, but I really don't have a place to put it. Tiny bathroom blues!


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I had one of those I didn't care for it much the lighting wasn't as bright as I wanted it ..but then again maybe it shouldn't be too bright lol ..I like the old school tri fold light up mirros ..those things are so old skool but are the da bomb diggity lol .... i wish I still had one ..i haven't found one so far here in italy.


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Originally Posted by urbanlilyfairy
I like the old school tri fold light up mirros ..those things are so old skool but are the da bomb diggity lol

OMG! I forgot all about those. AAhhh memories of me as a lil girl watching my mother apply her makeup while looking into a trifold mirror.

Thanks ladies!


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I have that exact same mirror! Although if you're thinking about buying it DONT buy it from Macy's cause its 20 bucks at target!

Personally I like it because of the high magnification on one side. The lighting isn't a huge deal, but there are times when it definitely does help, like when I'm trying to use the magnified side but there is a shadow covering part of my eye. I turn on the light and the shadow goes away and its easier to see.

Plus it looks super cute and chic in my bathroom :]


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I have a mirror that is lighted with different settings for day, afternoon, and evening and the bulb colors are different. It's cute.