Lightening Dark Brown experts needed!


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So I have officially decided that I am sick of always going darker with my hair and I really really want to try lighter. I have gotten highlights before but I'm convinced the formula my salon uses is pure brass because it always turns orange, so I'm going to try it out myself this time. Anyways I am wondering how I would go about lightening? My hair is dark brown right now, probably around level 2 or 3 right now and I would like it at a medium brown or light brown shade. Is there any way to do this without bleaching? Could I just get light brown dye and use a higher volume developer? My plan was to just do the top and leave the bottom my natural color, I do like the two-tone look. Sorry for the novel, ha I just need some opinions please. Thank you in advance

edit: i have not gotten highlights since about February so it's pretty much grown out by now, idk if that would make a differnce in how i should go about this.​


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nope. unfortunately, color DOESN'T lift color, so dye + a higher developer is NOT an option. I would go to a salon. It's going to cost a lot because you're considered a "color correction", but believe me, it's worth it for these reasons:
1- you're going to need different formulas at the scalp, mid lengths, and ends.
2- you won't be able to do it fast enough by yourself to get it even.
3- once you get the dark stripped out, you'll need to tone it with the correct formula(s), and if you're not a professional, you'll get red, green, or some combo of the two.

If you can't afford it, consult a beauty supply for an "artificial color remover". Unlike bleach, it will just remove the artificial pigment (ie dye) in your hair, leaving whatever color you had underneath. It's a little easier to work with, but you're limited because it doesn't actually "lighten" the hair. Good luck girlie!


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I agree with wifey, there's only a very slim chance you can get the results you're looking for by doing it yourself so that it will actually look good. If your salon wrecked your hair before, change to a better salon, a good colorist should be able to do this. I had to do it when I went from dark to light and it turned out amazing, but yeah, it's pricey but so worth it.


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Get this thing called Colorfix at a beauty supply store like Sally's. It will lift the darker color off. Then redye your hair.