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You guys have to keep in mind that things aren't discontinued only because they are unpopular. Sometimes they're discontinued because they don't have the means to produce it anymore like ingredients shortages, or they can produce something similar more cheaply, or they just want the entire line gone whether some are still popular or not. There's alot of different ideas behind discontinuing items. I'm not sure which the Gelees are, but I know that I don't sell many of them, and I personally am not a big fan of them. They always seem to bleed on me!

Interestingly enough, the new Chanel Aqualumiere lipglosses feel JUST LIKE the Lip Gelees.

I tried out that Chanel Aqualumiere and IMO it doesn't even last long for the price so I returned it.
But back to lipgelees...I actually love some of the lipgelees especially Lilacrush and She-boom. Even though they don't last for very long they feel so soft on my lips and these two are sheer pretty colors.


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I love lipgelees. And I've got 2 good reasons for it:

#1 I can't wear lipglasses because I get rashes on my lips from them. I don't know why, because other mac lip products work fine for me, it's just the lipglasses that have this effect on my lips. So not being able to wear lipglasses narrows it down a lot for me. Lipgelees are there to save the day!

#2 Lipgelees are perfect if you prefer to enhance eyes with make up - that way you need something sheer and less pigmented for your lips and lipgelees are perfect for that.

I hope they don't decide to dc them completely.


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Originally Posted by Bernadette
Ah I love Lilacrush!

I do, too! And, I hated these at first, but Lila Crush is my Viva Glam V lesbian lover.

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