Lipglass vs Lustreglass


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As I was putting on Spring Bean this a.m. this question popped in my head:

Why do Lustreglasses have the brush applicator and the Lipglasses have the wand applicator?


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well...i assume cause the lipglasses are more pigmented...and thicker. and actually have a color payoff. whereas the lustreglass..those are more of a thinner, glossy type and always go on as a gloss version of the color in the tube...and lipglasses usually stay true to the tube color. idk thats my i personally prefer the doe applicator..more precise than the brush.


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I agree w/ lol336... I find the lipglasses tackier, and I wouldn't like to apply with a brush, but smear w/ the doe applicator instead...


good question. I don't like the brush applicator myself. Too hard to apply for me without looking in a mirror.


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I like the wand's better as I get a truer version of what's in the tube. I feel like using the doefoot wand always mixes the gloss with whatever lipstick I was wearing which usually isn't my intention.


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I agree with lola336.
I like both for what they are tho. I can't imagine using brush applicator for lipglasses. I'd think it would waste too much for each application. But I do love brush end for lustrglasses. It's just perfect.


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It is for the texture of the material... Lipglasses are more thick, so if you applied them with a brush, they get WAY too much on and they are gunky.

Lustreglasses are more sheer, so the brush is better for them. If you had a doe foot for those, they wouldn't even show up!