lipliner for Style Minx?


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So I got my Style Minx in the mail today and it's so pretty! buut I think it looks kinda sloppy on me without a liner so I was wondering if there was one I could use with it without changing the color. It doesn't necessarily have to be MAC, any brand will be fine. TIA! it weird that I'm loving this lippie, but I'm kinda scared to wear it out?


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If you dont wanna spring for MAC, NYX has a fuschia l/p that is a great match as well! its on $2 around here too so that makes it even better!

I love it in secret too and I find that you just have to force yourself out the door w/it and have no other gloss in your purse so youre forced to stick with the full on fierceness!


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nyx pinky l/l or nyx plum l/l...they'll change the colour slightly, but not too much.


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I was recommended MAC Beet lipliner pencil from the MA when I was there, and it works really well with it! It's like a fuchsia-red colour that intensifies Style Minx perfectly.