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I think i need a lipliner with creme d'nude, when i put it on you can still the outline of my lips. does anyone else have this problem with nude lipsticks + pigmented lips? has anyone got any ideas for a good mac lipliner to use with creme d'nude and speed dial?


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i use stripdown, but then cream d'nude doesn't really keep it's true colour. if you want its colour to stay true, you can use concealor.
oak is a good lipliner to use for lighter colours, as well.


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I too would love a great lipliner for my nudes (crem de nude, myth, fleshpot, etc.) and I've tried oak and subculture, but both were too brown toned and kind of made me look like a stripper... lol I tried Summerfruit cream liner, and I like it but its more coral and cant be used with every look so i'd definitely love to know everyone else's opinion on this as well


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For neutrals and light colors, I almost always use MAC's lip erase first.

I typically use MUFE's 3c, but I also just bought UD's l/l in Ozone which looks white in stick form but goes on fairly clear, just providing an invisible base/line to prevent feathering, etc.

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