Lipstick Application


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Do you apply the lipstick to your lips directly and then use a lip brush to spread it evenly or do you apply the lipstick to the lip brush first and then apply to your lips?

I do it both ways.


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As do I.


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I don't usually use a lipbrush with lipstick; I just apply straight from the tube. I tend to only use brushes with pot glosses or l'oreal colorjuice, which i find apply awkwadly straight from the tube. But I will have to try applying straight and then using the brush to distribute evenly. A good idea!


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for lighter, more neutral shades- I apply straight from the tube, but if it is a darker color, i.e. Dubonnet, ,Fresh Morroccan, etc.. I use a brush so I dont end up looking like a four year old did my lipstick


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I usually put on chapstick first and then the color straight from the pot. If it's a dark color, I dab it on little by little until I like the color.


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I have a lot of my lipsticks melted into stackable jars. I use a brush with those.

For the few l/s that I have in the tube, I apply straight from the tube.


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I apply lipstick with a brush to line (I hate the way lip liners feel) then fill in with the tube.


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Straight from the tube. Call me lazy but who needs to clean a lip brush every single time you put on lipstick
(and I could not not clean it)


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Originally Posted by Jessica
I'm lazy and apply it to my lips directly from the tube.

DITTO! :p the only time i use a lip brush is if i'm using liner with my lipgloss...