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Originally Posted by M.A.C. head.
I'm sorry if I make you mad, but:

Currant + Lavender Whip was one of the first looks I tried when I came home with LW and it is THE SHIT!

I aint too pissed because I FINALLY got my hands on it!


I'm a gloss girl myself. The only trouble i have is, sometimes they're sticky. Bleh.
If im doing an intense eye, I always go for a muted lip (We all do, right?)
But If I don't have a lot of time to get ready.. (Meaning no/little eyeshadow) I'll toss on a lipstick, usually a dark color.

I really prefer glosses.. (Lipglass FTW)


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It depends on the texture of the lipstick for me, if its a satin or creamsheen then i prefer lipstick, if its those lustres or ones that have shimmer you can FEEL on your lips then lipgloss. But lipgloss wins if i'm on the go.


Normally a bright mac lipstick and some something cheap that smells good over top so the men can fall out...LOL


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I prefer both but lip gloss over lip stick because gloss gives dimension and makes your lips look fuller and sexier and mostly all lip glosses give moisture to the lips.


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I don't like lipstick. It always looks dry on me, unless it's a very creamy l/s. But I prefer lipgloss. They last longer and I feel less naked on my lips than I do with l/s.


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I prefer lipstick... I guess I like more color than most lipglosses can give me. I really rarely wear just lipgloss.. I sometimes put it over lipstick but not the majority of the time.


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i dont think i can decide...i used to be a lipgloss girl but then recently discovered the better colour range and became a lipstick lady hehehe...but i guess now it really depends on the look im going sitting on the fence on this one lol


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I'm going with lipgloss for now since it is more forgiving than lipstick. I'm still not 100% sure which colors look good with my skintone. I wish I was like others who can see a color and know automatically if it will work for them.

I have a bunch of gloss and only 2 lipsticks from NYX which I use once in a blus moon, and always with a gloss over it.


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lipgloss junkie

i grew up with my mom hating gloss, she still does. i've learned to layer it over lipstick
but it's only b/c it makes the gloss last longer


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Lipstick for sure. I used to LOVE lipgloss and I still do, but lipstick is a must for me now. I don't layer so I always choose one or the other and it's just easier and faster to use lipstick and I love the finish.


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Lipsticks, definitely. I just feel like they have more depth, color, and a wider variety of finishes. Plus, you can use some lipsticks as cheek stains. I use lipgloss, but usually only a small dab to keep my lips moist; too much gloss looks slimey and disgusting to me.


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Before I got into make up I was a lip gloss girl. I hated the idea of lipstick because at the time I thought it was "too much make up" and that rose smell really put me off. So lip gloss was a safe choice for me but I was never satisfied because I have pigmented lips so glosses were always disappointing to me because I never could find a good nude gloss. Now that I'm not as ignorant about make up I love lipsticks. I rarely wear gloss anymore, I just don't really like the sticky feeling.


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I hate the stickyness of lipglosses... I don't let myself to buy them because I hardly wear them. I already have full lips and the lipglosses are just to much ""in ya face" for my liking... The last one I bought was Purple rage from Spring Colour Forecast, to layer with my reds... for those nights I am feeling fearless

I definitely prefer lipsticks, and I cannot get enough from the cremesheen finish!

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