Lipstick recs for Nc25/30


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Any Brand. I want to venture out and try to start wearing more summery colors, heck even pinks and reds...

but don't know what looks good on me though.. i think that MAC viva glam gaga looks horrible on me though.. lol

so if anyone has any lipstick recs - let me know what you think would suit me..

here's a picture of me:

(and brand is okay)..but what colors do you think i could rock?


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Pinks~MAC Lovelorn, NYX Strawberry Milk

Reds~Kat Von D Stiletto and NARS Heat Wave

Those are my favs for summer.


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Have you tried Fresh Salmon from SCF? Its a must-have for our skintone
I'm about the same skintone as you and its my fave. If I had to pick a rosy pink, it would be Rose Maiden. Any lighter berry colours work too - Revlon Goldpearl Plum is one of my HG's! I love Baby's on Fire Dazzle lipstick with a berry-toned gloss overtop (like my avatar).

But I agree - any cool toned pinks - any pastel colours for that matter - look awful on us. Maybe with the right gloss overtop it could....but I really can't rock Gaga either

I'd really say pinky/peachy/coraly colours are the best. Or nudes/plums in a couple shades darker than our normal liptone.

Shadowy Lady

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Some of my personal faves:

Coral - Nars Niagara, MAC Vegas Volt and Impassioned
Red - MAC Ruby Woo, Chanel Rouge Coco in Cambon
Bright Pinks: MAC Pink Nouveau and Girl About Town, Nars Schiap

For reference I'm NW25 and love bright shades!


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My favourite summer colors are:

-Viva Glam Cyndi (for a red, that is super wearable!)
-MAC Ravishing (bright coral)
-MAC Chatterbox (barbie pinkish color, but not cool toned like Viva Glam Gaga. I think it has more red to it)
-MAC Lustering (for a bright pink that is not too opaque) =)


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SCF = the Spring Color Forecast collection from earlier this year.

I recommend MAC Impassioned too! Or a see-through orange type of stain (like dabbing a little MAC Morange on your lips and then topping with sheer gloss).


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I'm NC30 and Viva Glam Gaga looks bad on me too. I think it has to do with the blue undertones of that particular pink?

I would recommend...
Corals: MAC Dressmaker, Dressmaker (my current absolute fave)
Pinks: MAC VGVI (SE Fergie) is a nice plumy pink
Nudey pinks: MAC Lollipop Lovin, MAC Shy Girl
Nudes: MAC Hug Me

I tend to go for subtle colors or nudes.. but thats just me. I think certain reds would look good on NC30 shade but i'm not brave enough for reds lol


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Originally Posted by RandomnessWithK
thanks for the suggestions everyone, keep' em comin!

@Junkie - what is SCF? (when you mentioned Fresh Salmon?)

Spring Colour Forecast (the collection from last fall). There are still a few kicking around in the Clearance Bin - I got a back-up not that long ago



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I'm a NC30/35, I love MAC Ever Hip, Hug Me and Sweetie. Benefit Full-Finish Do Tell is very pretty too


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Corals/Warm Pinks: Fresh Salmon, Crosswires, Fanfare, Brave

Nudes: Shy Girl, Freckletone, Lollipop Loving

Warm browns/plums: Naked Paris, Loving it, Creme in yr Coffee,



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how about from other brands? (i want to venture and try other brands too) like nars, makeup forever, or even drugstore! thanks!

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^^ Fall is my fave season as I love bold shades
some of my faves:

- MAC Rebel, Night Violet
- MUFE #48, #13
- Chanel Rouge Noir RC

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