Lipsticks for a very very pale pink toned skin


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I'm going to do some back to mac-ing soon, and i was just wondering what lipsticks would suit a (roughly) NC15(bit lighter...) skin?
I like everything from subtle to bold and currently haaave:

and will son have morange...

what can you reccomend for me? any must have shades?


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I'm around the same colour as you, I'm slightly paler.
I think a red is a must have! Dubonnet or Russian Red/Ruby Woo.
Girl About Town is beautiful unless you can get your hands of petals and peacocks which is beautiful too.
I think that Blooming lovely would be super nice too.
Pink Plaid is really nice or lovelorn if you prefer a glossier finish.


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I'm pretty pale myself...I love spirit w/spice liner. It isn't loud at all though. You might find it boring, but it's really pretty in my opinion.


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I'm pink-toned and usually wear NW15 (unless it's Hella yellow), and I really like Russian Red, Angel, Viva Glam Cindy, Show Orchid, and Rebel.


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i'm also pink toned (I wear NW15). I agree with Russian Red, it is my favorite red.


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I'm the same coloring as you, and Hug Me is my favorite nude ever. The majority of my lipsticks are LE, so I can't really help you out in the bold department

Growing Wings

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I'm a little paler than NW15, and Chatterbox is one of my favourites. For every day colours, I love Syrup and Pink Plaid. For reds, Dubonet has gotta be my favourite.

Dani California

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Also very pale here

I like:

Viva Glam V
Myth - which you also have I noticed!! LOVE it.
Hug me, bit deeper nude, but lovely with various glosses over it
Lady Bug for a pretty red
Urgent slimshine if you can still get it!!
Rock out slimshine ditto the above.
New york apple for a pinky plummy metallic shade.

Have heard good things about Hue as well!


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I'm very pale and have similar coloring to yours and two of my favorites are Girl About Town and Russian Red. I also like Hue.


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I'm about your same coloring and I LOVE Angel l/s. I'll admit I bought it because my name is Angel, but it quickly became a favorite.

I also love Ever hip and viva glam Cyndi!

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