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So, I went to Sephora the other day & fell in love with Minx & Ectasy. But, really I need more make up like I need a hole in my head haha... So, I was wondering if you wonderful ladies have tried this? And, if so how well does it wear? Think it could pass the allergy eye? TIA


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I have "Smog" and "Roach", which I bought recently and I LOVE them. Both went on easily. I think the only think I wish is that the opening was a bit smaller because the brush is so tiny and then you have this big opening to put it in (does that make sense?) I prefer it to be a tight fit so I don't have to brush a lot of excess product off of the brush.


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I fell in love with minx and ectasy 2
so i went and got perversion and crash and i love them they really do last and last! i have sensetive eyes and ive had no problem with these!


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I loooove these liners. I have Oil Slick, Smog, Honey, Revolver, Crash and (of course) Minx and Ecstasy. I find they are even hold up when I end up going to the gym after work and during these hot summer days.


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UD seem to have it down pat in the eye dept, I haven't found one single person who doesn't like their stuff. I'm still looking to buy their set of pencils as they are super smooth. The liquid liners are so easy to control, they're easy to hold and for me I don't jiggle my hand around as much but you're still in control. Plus the colours are great, very nice and vibrant.

In closing, if you haven't already bought them go out and do so, you won't regret it!

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