Liquidlast: Auto-Orange vs Molten Sol


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So, my internet connection here @ work is being a bitch. Gotta love connectivity issues. Amazingly, I can get on Specktra but can't see all the pictures that are posted maybe half.

Whats the difference between the two? Which one is darker? Oh btw, I found them both on Nordstroms online.

Ok to my understanding:
Auto-Orange: Rusted Copper
Molten Sol: Rich Gold


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They are very different. Auto Orange is exactly that, Orange. It looks great as a base under Rose pigment or alone. Molten Sol is a gold, like a brassy, true gold. I wouldn't say one is darker then the other because they are 2 totally different colors.

Get both!


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You could go to the swatch thread and see if anyone owns both and can swatch them for you so that you can compare.


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Auto Orange is definitely orange. I passed on it for Molten Sol which is gorgeous and sparkly. It makes a perfect base for gold, bronzey, or orange looks.

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