Long MAC vent.


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So one day after work i decided to go the mall and stock up on Sock Hop l/g and Lollipop loving l/s from Heatherette. Theres a freestanding store in the mall, but I decided i would just run into Bloomingdales since the MAC counter is right as you walk into the store and the mall was packed. after leaving my job i didnt feel like dealing with even more crazed shoppers.


The MA was being so LAZY. I knew i wanted Sock Hop, but i wanted to try Lollipop loving to see if i really wanted it/how it looked etc... When i go to the FS they usually sanitize it for me and let me try it. But this MA was like I have to put it on you. I was like oh ok. and then she goes to put it on with freaking CHESTNUT LIPLINER! When i said i didnt want to try it with that she wouldnt let me try the lipstick. So I bought the 2 items and went on my way.

Well LL lipstick looks pastel green on me and nothing tones it down. And i really hate having to put alot of work into one product, so i decided to return it after much debate (Cause i hate returning makeup). So i go to the counter and i tell the MA that was there that i wanted to return it and why and she was like sure, and she was so understanding. Then the MA that was "helping" me came, picks up the box, looks at the lipstick name, gives me a look and then throws the box across the counter!!! Then she proceeds to give me a hard time by talking about me to the MA that was doing the return saying things like she hates customers like these. blah blah blah.

Needless to say i will NEVER be going back to that MAC, but was I wrong in my actions?? But i think my whole reason for this post is i really hate the way she was acting...what did i do wrong??

In Addition: (thought i still dont think she should have acted the way she did) [from the day i bought the lipstick] I think this MA had a problem with the fact that i did not want to go to Bloomies Heatherette event that was happening in April. I had already bought everything else that i wanted from Heatherette the day it came out had an appointment and had my face done that day (march 20th). I didnt think it was necessary for me to go to yet another event to have the same products applied etc. so I POLITELY declined and mentioned that i had already visited the FS to which she responded "well its not the same thing." I was starting to get annoyed especially since i wasnt able to try the lipstick, and politely took my items, said thank you and left.


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aww don't worry! at least the other girl was more understanding. you can always ask for her name and write up a complaint somewhere! she really should have let you try on the lipstick the way you wanted to. and you have every right to return it if the color doesn't suit you


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girl, you did nothing wrong, as the consumer if u know what you want then thats what you should have gotten. Theres no reason to FORCE you to try on the lipstick with Chestnut liner, hell that seems to be the only one they recommend to me as well, but i digress lol. I would have kindly written a nice letter to corporate telling them what occurred in your store. If u didnt have the name, im sure they can track the transaction via the info on your receipt. we all have bad days and there was no reason for her to take it out on you, and theres no reason to keep makeup (even if its our beloved MAC) if it isnt gonna work for you..so to reiterate, I dont think u did anything wrong.
Just my 2 cents lol


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LOL....ohhh buddy. I would contact the counter, and store manager so fast it would make her head spin, not to mention contacting MAC customer service. That's crazy.


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You did not do anything wrong. In the end because that MA was being so pushy, she lost that sale. You have every right to try things out the way YOU want to, not how she wants you to unless you specifically ask her too. I hear a lot of the MA's on here really prefer the customers like you who actually say what you are looking for, as opposed to, "Oh, just do what you think will look nice." Because in the end, it's all about what you think looks nice for you, not what they think will look nice.


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Nope, I'd have done the same thing, although if the MA wouldn't let me try it on like I wanted, I probably would have left and gone elsewhere. You really should complain to the counter manager and if you don't get anywhere there, then to MAC corporate. It's really wasteful on the MA's part since you wouldn't have bought the lippie in the first place had you been able to try it on like you wanted.


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Absolutely you were NOT wrong in any way. She should be severely disciplined for a) throwing the box b) verbally trash talking customers c) not allowing you to test/try the lipstick in the way you wanted to.

And besides, you are allowed to return items...geesh thats so rude of her


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wow thats so rude. i agree, u diddnt do anything wrong. you have a legit reason to return the item in question. in fact, you even wanted to try it on. i don't know why that MA wouldn't let you put it on the way you want to. wasn't there someone else around? i would have approached a different MA. other than that, if someone was giving me a hard time, i would take my business elsewhere.

you shouldnt feel guilty at all. the MA was being unprofessional and as a result, you had to return the product. she did not properly deal with the customer and thats her fault. she provoked a fustration purchase. i mean, there are raelly only 2 options, either the customer will buy it anyway, or go elsewhere.


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Crazy. I can't believe she would be so dumb/arrogant to say that right in front of you!

I would definetely complain about this situation. There's no way she should get away treating people, let alone customers, that way!


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You did nothing wrong @ all. The MA was totally unprofessional. They have jars of rubbing alchol behing the lipsticks. She could have just dipped it in the alchol & give you the lipstick to try on. I don't understand her reasoning for this @ all.

If I were you I would go back to the MAC counter & make a complaint about her & ask to see the manager of that MAC store. Next time she will think 2x about treating people like this.

I always had a very pleasant exp. @ MAC & I'm friendly with the MA's there.
If there was a MA @ the counter where I go, trust me, I would open my mouth & ask to see the manager.

If you go back to the MAC counter, see if the 1 girl that was nice to you & have her help you.
(Walk out with your products & smile to the girl that was nasty & tell her you have to go shopping now, just like in the movie pretty woman)LOL.


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I cant thank everyone enough for their input and insight to this situation...I think I will be contacting Customer Service first thing in the a.m.


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Yeah contacting Customer service is definitely what I would do too. I can't believe how rude that MA was! She sounds like she had a bad attitude, you have a right to your refund, especially when she wouldn't let you try on lollipop loving- what's with that??! She was just asking for a refund.


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Get on that phone ASAP as that sort of behaviour is not acceptable and she needs to know it's bad for MAC. Plus, you save someone else from her same treatment.


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There goes HER gold star for customer service. What happened to customer satisfaction and a little kindness?


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She sounds like a Bitch. That is really crappy. I think you were polite, when she was rude in the first place. If I were you, I'd email mac.cosmetics about this, and they will probably send you something free. Plus they need to know about this.


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Thanks for all the responses everyone!!

So yesterday I sent off a very nice email to MAC customer service. Once i hear back any response i will def give an update!!!