Look into my poop brown eyes :)


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Using the Jesse's Girl Bejeweled Palette in the browns.
NC 35 concealer as Base
Lightest color from the quad all over lid
darkest color from the quad in the corner
Also in the outer cornor is Bobbi Browns eyeshadow in Mahogany
In the inner corner is Mac's Hey from fafi quad 1.
Blacktrack fluid line
Rimmels Glam eyes mascara. Hope you like it



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Poop brown? You trippin. ;-)

This is lovely. I love how it is neutral, yet it pops wonderfully.


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Thanks everyone!! ..lmao yea poop brown eyes is an inside joke from like middle school that I still remember. Ha I wouldve shown my whole face but.... I was making the nastiest ugliest face..unknowingly of course. Im going to try to do another one this weekend though..Showing my whole face..AHHH


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Originally Posted by kathweezy
lol so there for my eyes are full of sh*t too =]

but i love this looks

when my husband know's im lying he always says... You're so full of sh*it it's coming out your eyes. LMAO!!!!

Thanks everyone for the compliments. Makes me want to try new looks! I love nudey makeup so I always try to think of something new to do with it.