look what i found in my sister's stash!


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my oldest sister invited me over for dinner with her and her family - my 5yo neice pulled out my sister's makeup train and i decided to look through it (she keeps her quads and her 15 palette in the bathroom)....

anyhow, i saw she had a pigment in the case. it was Coco Beach!! brand new, too!!! she rarely touches her e/s - pretty much only when i do her m/u for her. but i missed this b/c i never go through the traincase - just her quads and palette.

hmmmm.....i keep waiting for her to tell me i can have it, since i'm the makeup fiend in the family and she won't use her MAC e/s or pigment unless i do her m/u for her. lol. i am a spoiled baby sister aren't i?


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LoL @ spoiled baby sister. Sounds like my lil sister.
Each time I go to the MAC store I usually pick up something for myself, as well as something for her. I almost always try to pick up a new pigment...so she's always getting a jar topped off with a new pigment monthly...She blames me for her new found addiction...haha.

Even if she doesn't sell it to you or give it to you, ask her for a sample of it...not like she'll use the whole jar.


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Or you could offer to buy her another pigment. If you stress how much Coco Beach means to you, and offer to find her an alternate flattering shade, she might give in. Good luck to you anyway, lol.


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nah - i was just in awe that she had a color that's HTF. i told her that, and she jokingly said, "let's ebay it."

i haven't even put a dent in my own pigments (2 bottles are still practically full & they're over 4yo). plus, she already said i can borrow her m/u anytime. i'm sure she'd let me have a sample of it for now. lol.

i was just in shock that she even had a pigment since she hardly wears e/s.

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If you do want it, offer to pay her retail for it. She'll probably just say that you can have it, and even if she takes you up on your offer, you're getting a great color for a steal.


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lol! Do what my sister does. Make a puppy face and hope she'll give it to you. If not... somethings, especially a little jar such as a pigment jar, often have the habit of disappearing....

lol jkjk!

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