Looking for a dupe for Patina


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Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, but I'm looking for a MAC dupe for Patina.

I must have almost every other MAC neutral colour that has ever been released except Patina and I'm refusing to buy any more neutrals on the basis that I have no more room in my palettes.... Unless of course you guys tell me that I can't possible live without Patina, in which case I'll be looking for 14 other neutral shadow recs to make up another neutral palette

Please rescue me


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I can't really think of a dupe. It is a duochrome that flashes different colors. Kind of a golden taupe -- but hard to describe. I use it sometimes on days where I don't feel like spending a lot of time -- just use it lash to crease (and blend up) and then use a dark brown shadow like Embark or Handwritten as a liner for the upper lashes -- black on the water line, mascara, and Voila! You might need to work on that 2nd palette


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Enkore did a video of dupes for Coastal Scents Hot Pots to MAC eyeshadows. He said S-05 was a dupe for Patina. I do have S05, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of all of my hot pots...but Pursebuzz also swatched them and you can see them here.

Here's Enkore's video:
YouTube - Hot Pots Too!

Hope this helped a little >.<