Looking for a liner for Hibiscus lipstick


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MAC doesn't seem to have anything, and I've exhausted myself looking. So guys, any brand at this point, I'm really not fussed. I just want a bright orange coral lip liner.

Bearing in mind, I'm in the UK

Thanks so much.


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I'm not sure if you can buy NYX in stores in UK but this e-shop has a great selection: http://www.love-makeup.co.uk/
I love this website, I bought from them a ton of times and they're fast and reliable. :)


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MAC Redd lip pencil matches Hibiscus quite well. It's the only one that I could find that did not detract from the coralness of the lipstick.


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MY sis tried on hibiscus with basic red chromagraphic pencil and it looks GORG! IT really picks up the red!

I love hibiscus and I am so happy to see it on ebay for when I run out!

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