L'Oreal HIP Shine Struck


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So, while I trying to find out more about HIP's new cream shadow paint, I saw a thread on MUT that also had HIP's new lipgloss in it. Has anyone tried the Shine Struck glosses? What do you think of them?


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I love the product but hate the colors. I love liquid lipsticks (and that's essentially what this is) so I was excited to see these, but less than thrilled with the color selection. Some of HiP's products seem to be designed more toward people with darker or more yellow-toned skin than I have. Their foundations are this way, and these lip colors are too though to a lesser extent. I bought a pinky brown one, and it turned orangy on me which was heartbreaking because I loved the product. It has great coverage, great finish, feels nice and soft on the lip (velvety almost, not at all sticky). Maybe even moisturizing. Lasted fairly well too and smelled nice. It's a lip product I would absolutely adore if I could find a color that worked. I'm sure the colors could work well on someone with a different skin tone than me (cool PPP), there just weren't many cool toned colors available.


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I'm about NC45 and I love the colors so far. It's not sticky at all, so it's definitely not like the HiP glosses in the tubes. I wear them alone, not layered like I do with MAC or the colourjuice or the hip gloss and it's very much like a sheer lipstick, but with shine.

My fave lipstick is l'oreal colourjuice sticks and it reminds me of those because they are sheer. I promise I will make swatches of the 4 I have and come back. I will put them on paper too so that you can see what they look like without my skin in the way.