Lost my Gratis User ID...


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So I had my Estee Lauder gratis User ID paper taped up next to the computer (I don't have the 'net so I keep this stuff at my mom's) and she recently went on a cleaning spree and must have thrown it away... BUT she kept all kinds of other stupid papers that were laying around.

I've left a msg. for my AE and still haven't heard back from her (which isn't uncommon), we don't have an AC at this time, does anyone know of a number or e-mail for this kind of stuff? The website does have a link for lost ID's and passwords, but when you receive the e-mail, it only tells you the password, and says that the User ID is on the top of your User ID paper, which I don't have and is why I clicked on the link for lost User ID's LOL.

I know this is a long shot, but you guys are the best bet I've got right now

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