LOTD Only ~ HK Fashion Meow~ Mews!!!


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oh my god. you are so gorgeous. I LOVVEEE love love the lips. and your skin is incredible. you don't need any foundation. but foundation needs you, because it wants to steal your beauty. and my wallet is going to weep, because OMG NEW WORKOUT WEAR?? *runs*


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Ok, FIRST: That lip...no look is HOT!!!!! SECOND:
@ straight hood gym wear!!


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*Gasp!!* First off Tish, you could totally make this a FOTD b/c you're so hot! And second, FM is amazingggg on you! Love the idea of the liners, so beautiful!!


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I LOVE THOSE LIPS!! Especially the liner! This look reminds me of that song Purple Kisses by the Dream!

"I love it when she put them pretty lips on me
Purple kisses purple kisses
She kiss me from my head down to my feet
Purple kisses purple kisses
She got that M-A-C on her lips when she doing it to me
Purple kisses purple kisses
When she ready to go, I never let her leave
Purple kisses purple kisses I love the way she kisses on me"


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You don't even NEED foundation! So jealous of your gorgeous skin!!

and you rock the purple lips like nobody's business.


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You guys are all so KIND...thank you so much!! Not sure how often I will wear this lip but it was fun recreating how the MA told me to apply it!!

Thanks again!!!


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omg, tish you look amazing! i wish i could not wear foundation, your skin is flawless. & those lips <3333 absolutely beautiful.

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