Lotsa Looks For Your Viewing Pleasure


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Gorgeous makeup & your fauxhawk is fab. You should definately do a tutorial on it, I would be forever grateful.


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Okay.. they're all beautiful! Seriously. The first look is the perfect neutral look, your fauxhawk hair amazing, and the feathered e/s look (the last one) is sooo good for a first try! Oh, and you've gotten so good at applying lashes now too.. just had to get a technique down huh?


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Yay more FOTD's from amyzon! ;D Love these looks, especially the 'first fallish' one. Fabulous as always, and gorgeous too!


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Thank you guys sooo much!
If I get a little better at doing the mohawk I will do a tut on it. I have short hair so it's definitely a feat of architecture and a testament to the wonders of hairspray to get it to resemble a hawk. LOL

Blackeneddove: I'm not so good at applying them still, I keep trying to practice as often as possible. It's just like one will be perfect, the other WUH-WUH, wonky lash!

Nettipoo: That look is Coppering all over the lid w/ a regular shader brush, Cranberry on the outer 2/3, Sketch in the outer corner and crease with a blending brush, Vanilla on the browbone with a blending brush, and I'm not certain, but I think I used a matte pink like Playful or Sushi Flower to blend out the line between the crease and the highlight.

I really really appreciate all your comments and kind words so thank you!


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I LOVE the look with cranberry & coppering e/s! I have coppering, but I forget how gorgeous it is on us blue-eyed girls. Thanks for reminding me! You have oodles of talent, girl!!

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