Love Songs?


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Need some urgent help.

Can anyone name some good love songs? Also any metal loves songs would be great!



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what is it for?

these are some of my favorites:
- I still believe in love (from musical "they're playing our song"), this is rock ballad, you probably like it
- My Destiny (Jim Brickman & Martina McBride)
- Nine Million Bicycles (Katie Melua)
- I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Taylor Swift)


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Honestly, heard of google? Teasing.

But check out this site, it's huge...

Love Songs Lyrics Love Lyrics - Romantic Song Top Love Songs Today

VH1's 100 greatest love songs, I'm sure they'll have a few metal ones - The Greatest : 100 Greatest Love Songs (20 - 1) | VSPOT Video Clips, Photos, Episodes and Online Message Boards from the Reality TV Show |

It includes the lyrics with the song title/artist so it should give you a broad range of ideas!

Personally I love the OLD love songs... mhm


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I tried google, it brought up all the usual ones and thought if i asked here i'd get a wider range

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