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I was so curious about lure so I had to ask a few questions.... this is what I got

As for the Blushcremes launching Lune, in my opinion, is an orange peach with gold shimmer, it's listed as a Pale Peach, but it's not. And Maidendchant is a soft candy pink with silver pearlized pigments. Both are limited edition.
Both shades don't compare to anything we currently have, in my opinion anyway.
With regards to fluidlines Delphic is a bright silver metallic turquoise and Haunting is a soft mid-tone plum, with a touch of shimmer

Again everything is LE... but she said the colors were different than anything else they currently had out (who knows till we see it) I'll go talk to my fav MA in a day or two and see what she can show me


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Ohh great thanks so much for the info! I heard that the one blushcream was going to be a pale peach and I don't like them since they're no bright,but now that you say it's an orange peach I want it!!


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Ohh, thanks for sharing! Sounds like I have to add a few things to my wishlist! I am wondering about the soft black fluidline though - wonder if it will be more of a gunmetal grey? I asked about them on livechat and was told they weren't allowed to talk about future collections... oh well... I will just plan to buy it all and really, I am ok with that


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Originally Posted by Philosopher
are the fluidlines matt or metallic?

I am wondering the same thing... I can't get an answer anywhere though - live chat won't talk to me about future collections...


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Who did you chat to? I have tried sooo many times to find out answers to my questions about the lure collection and no one will tell me anything about it!


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Just had this live chat with Andrea about color comparisons!

Audrey: Hi Andrea! I just had some color questions about the Lure collection...
Andrea: Hey Aurdrey!
Andrea: I would be happy to help.
Audrey: I am trying to order online and am having a hard time
Audrey: I am wondering how Delphic fluidline would compare to blue peep, or lining with Steamy eyeshadow?
Andrea: Delphic is lighter and more turquoise then the Blue Peep. Delphic also has a silver pearlized affect to it.
Audrey: so could it compare to steamy, except in fluidline instead of shadow?
Andrea: Not really. I find them to be very different.
Andrea: Delphic is more turquoise and Steamy is a highly frosted blue aqua with a clean gold shimmery overtone. It is sheer as well. Delphic is more opaque.
Audrey: got ya
Audrey: that helps
Andrea: Great!
Audrey: could you tell me how mancatcher would compare to beautiful iris, and stars and rockets?
Andrea: Manchester is slightly warmer then Beautiful Iris. As far as Stars and Rockets, Manchester is more muted and deeper.
Audrey: ok how about aquavert... is that anything like Brill?
Andrea: Brill is more blue then Aquavert.
Andrea: Aquavert is sort of a combination of Juxt and Brill Eye Shadow.
Audrey: wow, that sounds awesome! I definately need that one!
Audrey: how does nightfish compare to blacktrack and blitz and glitz?
Andrea: Nightfish is slightly different then Blacktrack and Blitz and Glitz.
Andrea: It is slightly softer then Blacktracks with no gold flex in it.
Audrey: does it look grey at all?
Andrea: No, not really grey.
Audrey: ok
Audrey: last one on my list... waternymph...
Audrey: how would this compare to steamy?
Audrey: can you tell i love my steamy?
Audrey: lol
Andrea: It is deeper and richer then Steamy. Again more colour payoff.
Audrey: could they be worn together?
Audrey: or aquavert with waternymph?
Andrea: Absolutely!
Andrea: Both will work.
Audrey: perfect - you have helped so much!!
Audrey: oh wait one more...
Audrey: lol
Andrea: Wonderful!
Andrea: ok
Audrey: Haunting...
Audrey: what shadows would you pair with this?
Andrea: With Haunting try the Manchester Eye shadow with Idol Eyes or a deeper shade in your crease like Blackberry.
Andrea: Click here for the MAC Eye Shadow page.
Audrey: great, thank you so much Andrea!

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