M.A.C. employees: lips!?


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OK, is the M.A.C. lip look an industry secret or can you spill?:

How is it that every female M.A.C. employee I have ever seen has, in addition to crazy-hot eye makeup, impeccable lips!?

What I see: beautifully lined and filled, rich color and amazing, stunning gloss.

I can make my lips look really good.... great, even. But to achieve this high shine and rich color impact: I just haven't gotten there! My lipglasses don't make that shine.

Help a sistah out!


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No clue but I always do get comments on my lips when I work. I just realized that. "What are you wearing on your lips?" "Your lips look nice, what color is that? I wanna try it."


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are MA's have time/are able to touch up thier lips throughout the day?

cause if not, i want in on the secret too!


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a lot of the girls at my work pack studio fix on the lips-- heavily. this gives you a clean canvas to work with and the liner gones on SUPER bright and i find that it sticks better. after your done with the lips you can also go around them with a little bit of concealer/studio fix on the tip of a brush and outline around them.


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I noticed this too! Especially this one MA named Eve...she wears beautiful rich plummy colors on her lips. Just gorgeous!

That's a great tip about outlining your lips with the concealer...it makes everything look so much neater.


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We are "required" to wear three products on our lips (and primer/balm doesn't count). The liner and a good foundation (like someone else noted, a lot of MAC girls wear Studio Fix on their lips as a base).

Personally, I am the "low-key lip" person at whatever counter I go to. I do a toned-down version of whatever lip color is required that day. I just don't like super pigmented lip colors on me at all...


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I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but I also think that it's the lighting at the counter. There are spotlights positioned all around the counter, and when those lights shine on our lips...WOW! I think that lighting definitely contributes to that high shine you are talking about.


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thank u for the tips hons
yay!!! ive always wondered about his too...but i think lighting has a great deal to do with it.


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Most of the at my counter actually use the clear brow stick as a primer, then the concealor trick around the edges, as well as serious gloss. Not just a little dab of gloss but enough to stop a truck in it's tracks.


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conversations like these, with tips, secrets and behind the scenes info are what i love about specktra!



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what i do is when im applying my foundation i apply it all over including lightly over my lips. this includes powder as others mentioned.

then i line my lips... then i apply a lipstick. always use lipstick to make it stand out more. then i apply lipglass evenly all over the lips and i dont "push" my lips together when im done (common mistake people make grrr)

believe me this will make your lips SHINE. layering is pretty much the trick. the more underneath, the more they stand out. i used to HATE lipsticks but now im alwayssss wearing one. my lips look better. only on my days off do i just throw on a gloss.


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Ok I've always hear about applying concealor but so u apply it on the lips, around the lips like lipliner or along the outside of the lips?


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Some artists I know prep their lips with Bare Canvas or Untitled paint. I didn't like that one. Prep and Prime has become a favorite too with the artists.


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A little confused about the studio fix. Would that be the liquid or powder version? As someone else mentioned, doesn't that make the lips dry?

Also, just to clarify, you go around your lips with concealer when you're done to sharpen the line, is that it?

thanks~ I love tips & tricks!


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Studio Fix touching up for lips is always powder.
You pat it over your lips before you apply your liner. Add your lipstick. Add your gloss. Touch up again around the edges with the studio fix powder and then add more liner if you like.
It wont make your lips dry because your moisturizing right after with a lipstick.


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I actually try to create optical illusions using two glosses. I line just a smidge beyond my upper lip, apply lipstick, a gloss over that and then a lighter, sparkley gloss in the center. Prep & Prime actually keeps my lips from getting too crinkly with all that product on it.

I couldn't imagine putting SF or Bare Canvas on my lips, but that it just me.

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