MAC 180 brush in stock right now!!!!


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I wish i had seen this way before cuz on the 17th i got mine from ebay so it was alot more
, but then i was thinking just to be safe why not get another one i can use two to rotate so i got me one the next day by the phone number given SO MUCH CHEAPER LOL so now i should be expecting two wohooo (the stuff i do for MAC products!!!!)


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You guys are all so lucky. I'd love to have this brush but I'm in the UK and I don't think they ship to the UK do they?

Could somebody be so kind and get me one too please?

I'd be so grateful!


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Originally Posted by iaisha26
I have one, but I've been looking for a second because I love it so much. I have no idea what made you call to see if they had this brush availble, but I'm so glad you did...It forced me to just keep throwing brush numbers at the rep that took my order to see what else they had in stock. Guess what...I got a 183!!!!

Thanks for starting this thread.

Ok, Ok, I admit it...

LOL, I was really determined to get this brush. I seriously wanted this brush so bad!!!!!!!


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OMG I just ordered the brush a couple minutes ago!! I am super excited!! I live in Toronto, Canada so the total came to $62 or something like that.... Its worth it. I dont mind. She said I should get it by Friday.

Thank you so much for starting this tread! You are amazing!! And now im am broke again thanks to you.. lol...


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Originally Posted by chickatthegym
What is the difference between the 180 and 181??




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So one if the flat top and one is the round top... but are they the same size? I have the 182 couture and the 183 and I am trying to get these two now. Do I need them all?!


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I have question for those who already own this brush. Are the bristles hard? I was told that by a MAC MUA that's the reason the 180 was discontinued & the 183 is supposed to be the improved version of the 180.


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^^I'll be honest, i found the bristles to be a lil scratchy. so i washed it and put some conditioner in it for about 15min and it got softer. but it doesn't irritate my skin as long as i use it lightly.


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The 180 is bigger then 183 and it's not flat it's a small dome shape. The handle is a little bit bigger then the average brush for shaving cream/soaps.

I don't find it scratchy at all but it's not a soft as 182 and it's a lot denser, it's a buffer not a kabuki. As if you need it, it depends what you use and how you like to work with it.


They still have them in stock! I just got mine last week, $42 w/ free shipping & no tax. Woo hoo!


I really wish i could love this brush.

But its good to know its back in stock no more ebay demons asking billions for it.


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