MAC 224 v. 217


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I have a MAC 217 which I love and use everyday. I want to get another one of them but am also considering the 224 which is for blending also.

For those of you that have both, which do you prefer, what do you use them for and would you think it would be better to have two 217s or one 217 and one 224?



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The 217 is a great brush for blending, but the 224 is in my opinion better for applying your brow highligh, because it softly blends your other shadows above your crease at the same time to create that really seamless look. Although I would recommend eventually having two 217s, if you're only looking to get one other brush right now and you already have the 217, I would say definitely go for the 224 this time!


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I prefer the 224. I like the 217 for applying shadows but I always go over my whole eye with a 224. It blends everything perfectly, but is so light that it never makes the MU look muddy. It's great for brow highlight (I prefer the 227 though for that) and I know a lot of people love it for under-eye concealer too.

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