MAC chat about Feline...


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info:Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.
info:Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Marci. How may I assist you?
Missy:Hi Marci!
I had a question, and I was hoping you'd give me a happy answer. LOL
Marci:Hello Missy! I'll do my best.
Missy:All right...well...D-Squared has brought back everyone's favorite eyeliner; Feline. Do you guys have plans to make this permanent? I don't think I can stand waiting another year for it to come back AGAIN...I blow through it SOOO quickly, because I use it every day
Missy:...and I'm sure you've been flooded with this question over and over again, so I apologize for being repetitive
Marci:Regrettably, I haven't heard of any plans yet. We can hope. However, Feline and Raven along with a new Kohl Power Pencil shade will also be launching with a collection called Love Lace later in the year.
Missy:*sigh* BOOOOO!!! I need to send a letter to those MAC head people and yell at them. It's such an in-demand product, I don't understand why they don't at least make it permanent to the Pro line.

Marci:I wish I had the answers, I apologize for the disappointment.
Missy:Is there a MAC HQ e-mail address or something that I can write to and express my severe disappointment?
Missy:Aww, it's ok, I know it's not your fault.

Missy:No use shooting the messenger
Marci:You may contact our Corporate Consumer Communications Department via email at [email protected].
Missy:Hooray! Thank you...I think I'll do that...maybe if they get enough e-mails from people, they'll make it perm just to shut us up. LOL
Marci:I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck Missy! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Missy:Nope, that was it...thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it.

Marci:You're welcome, enjoy your afternoon!
Missy:Thanks, you too!

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Feline...if you feel the same, maybe if we all e-mail that address, they'll appease the masses and add it to the perm line. Try it! It can't hurt..I'm off to write an e-mail now!


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I just got my 1st one with the D-squared collection. Should I start hording? Is it any better than my favorite and always available UD 24/7 pencil in zero?


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Originally Posted by DILLIGAF
I just got my 1st one with the D-squared collection. Should I start hording? Is it any better than my favorite and always available UD 24/7 pencil in zero?

I like it is much darker ...and so smooth.....I always get back-ups can't depend on MAC to repromote or make things perm when they are LE I always get what I use on a constant in multiples ...Hopefully they will..but if they don't I'm good knowing I have enough to last me


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now, why would I make an item perm, when everytime it is released people buy them by the dozen? MAC's got it made

I'm on a no-buy til December... then, I shall buy my my allocated dozen feline and lots of shiny silver boxes ...


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Sorry I don't have anything useful to add, but just wanted to say thanks for posting this! Otherwise I wouldn't have known that this is currently available!