MAC COSMETICS run around?!


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get an interview at MAC at my local mall but it seems to be a run around. I already work in the mall at another store and I happened to met the store manager at MAC. I saw at my mall that they were opening a stand alone store downstairs and I asked if they were going to be hiring and she said yes. She told me to come in and hand in my resume, dress in all black, makeup on and all. Overall, I believed I made a good first impression.

So I came in all black with makeup on and filled out an application. After I was done we had a brief conversation about the freelance position and I also met the assistant manager. The store manager said she would keep in touch. 2 weeks passed and I decided to follow up in person. I saw the store manager and she told me she was busy but hasn't forgotten about me. She asked for my number (but I already gave her my resume) and she said she would contact me.

Still I haven't heard from her and I've seen her walk pass my job a few times. I understand she might be busy but I am serious about applying. I never got the chance to really explain to her how serious I am and I didn't show her my portfolio on hand since it was already on my resume thinking maybe she'll look at it on her own time. I want to follow up once more but how should I approach it? I'll make sure I look my part but this time I want to tell her I'm serious and actually show her my work.

If she thinks I'm not ready or if there really not looking for anyone I just want to know. I do want to end on good terms since I do buy makeup from the store and I don't want things to be awkward if I bump into her. I just want to give it one last shot before moving on.

Also I've only worked in counter associate jobs since I am young so I don't necessarily have cosmetic experience so maybe that's why she hasn't reached out? But I do believe I have the talent.
If they are building a store, they might not be ready to move forward with hiring now. I imagine they will probably move people from the counter into the store and the hire new people for the counter. If you see her again, I might ask her how the new store is coming along.

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