MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2021


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New Powder Kiss eyeshadows are up on MAC's site. Not sure for how long they've been available, though. These are the new shades...

  • P for Potent (dark plum)
  • These Bags Are Designer (orangey ochre)
  • A Little Tamed (bright petal pink)
  • Felt Cute (soft pastel pink)
  • Per-Suede Me (site says it's a pale turquoise blue, but the photo shows it's a moss green...go home, MAC, you're drunk!)
  • It's Vintage (cool dark purple...definitely want this one)
  • Such a Tulle (light periwinkle blue)
  • Good Jeans (muted slate blue grey; looks more like a muted turquoise to me)
  • My Tweedy (muted nude (peach))
$20 USD in pot form; $9 USD in refill pans
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