Mac Face and Body tip


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During this summer season, I've been on a never ending quest to find the perfect summer foundation. Well, after many failed attempts and wasted dollars.. I found out what my problem was. I love my Mac foundations and while other brands do what they say they will do. I just couldn't get past my love of Mac foundation. So, I have face and body, prolong wear, studio fix fluid and matchmaster. Now during the winter, the products are perfect. They offer great coverage and wearability. During the summer months, these products coupled with the heat and perspiration became a chore to try to keep my face in tact for more than 2 hours. So, I was watching youtube and saw that face and body foundation could be used a number of ways. It was then that i decided to see if i could use one part foundation to two parts face and body. Success! I love how the face and body sheers down the look of my foundation but gives longevity in wear because its water resistant. Now you may ask why i just didnt use face and body and be done. The answer is face and body alone didnt give enough coverage as a stand alone. So long story short use face and body to cut down your foundation for a more wearable summer foundation. Here is a photo of me today. I mixed matchmaster and face and body.


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I put skin refined zone down in my tzone first them apply face and body and a small amount of studio sculpt just where I need the coverage

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