MAC Freebies


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I was reading this lovely lady's blog one day and she said she gotten freebies at MAC! Unfortunately I've never gotten anything or even heard of anything like that ever happen. Have you guys ever been lucky enough to get free stuff?



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WTF what a lucky ass girl! hahaha... That has NEVER happened to me. The closest thing I've gotten "free" was a sample pigment. I'm still happy with that though, at least the MAs give you something free even though at times the sample isn't "enough". haha... really though, that girl is lucky!


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I got a free 181 brush. On the mac website it was coming up at £0.00 so I cheekily ordered it and I got it. Hehe


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I have never been this lucky either, but I feel like as much as I spend, I should get samples sometimes!


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fyi, that girl is from Singapore so I have never seen MAC samples given like that before. usually, if you want sample of something, they put it in a little jar.

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