MAC haters


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My experience with SAs/MUAs at MAC have been overall positive, the best being at my Pro store. I try to make most of my purchase there if I can. I did have a not-so-great experience in Mykonos, but it wasn't a freestanding door, and I'm not sure I would consider it an actual counter. I allowed the SA to dissuade me from purchasing Red Racer because she was being totally overbearing. I should have bought it anyway because I obsessed over that lipstick once I left. Luckily, I got it during an online restock.


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Update: I had a bad MAC experience recently and guess what? It didn't make me hate the brand! Just those MUA/SAs and I reported them to the store manager and the manager reprimanded them and offered me an invitation to get my makeup done by her for free.


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Who cares? Like what you like and let them like or dislike whatever they want. People's opinion have nothing to w my experiences. I had one"bad" experience at a MAC store but I don't blame MAC but that poor assistant who was snippy w me and her co-workers actually. My biggest grievance w MAC is w their abundance of LE. The quality is often poorer and the supplies are limited (well lately the sales rep push it on you bc they cannot sell it actually). Other than that the price is fair and on par w Sephora and Ulta. There is a lot of choice. As long as they keep making/selling Viva Glam V, Teddy, Shroom and Soft Ochre I will be happy!

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