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So, I was extremely patient through all of October and November, and most of December, then Danse hit and all sanity was lost. And then today, I was only going to go in to buy ONE of the new quads, but self control and MAC cannot be said in the same sentence. Or for that matter, self control and MAC are complete opposites. I have decided that no matter how much preparation you do mentally about how much you are going to spend, or you tell yourself exactly what you are going to purchase, it NEVER works that way. NEVER. And for those of you who are capable of the self control that really should be required to become addicted to MAC, I fully applaud you and wish you to tell me how you do it.

Whew....Ok with that said, here is my haul from today, and the haul from the end of December:


From Icon- both eye quads, adventursome LG
Couture- Prestigious LG
Chicory Lip pencil
Loverush Blush


Danse-all the shadows, except Jete,
Lightscapade MSF
Aire-de-Blu piggie
Corps-De-Ballet LG
Corps de Couleur eye quad

Technakohl Liner in Graphblack

I would put up pics, but I have no idea where my digi is located. So typical...Anyways, my clear and utter lack of control is now displayed for all my fellow addicts to see.

Shame, oh the shame.... ;-)


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Lotza stuff there! very nice haul!


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I know exactly what you mean!! It bothers me that I spend so much...but I just cant' help it, it's all so pretty!

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